Wednesday, April 16, 2008

more visual impressions from April 7th, our first day at the site

An antiquity we found on a shelf in a nearby art store.

Bike user...

Colorful murals throughout the neighborhood, I like that.

This is the site, located close to NE 15th and Alberta.

first day at the site

In the first day at the site, me, Sandy and Allison walked a couple of blocks down the Alberta street. We visited the coop grocery store, where we talked to a woman named Jumpa, who has been there since the store opened in 2001. She used to live in the area, but moved to another location, where she can care for her mother better. Then we tried to visit a non profit organization that cares for youngs in order to keep them out of trouble; we weren't very welcomed there.
Next we walked to the "Courtesy Janitorial Services." We knocked at the door and a woman invited us inside; her name is Marnella, and she was very welcoming and talked to us a little about the background of the business: they've been there a little more than 50 years!

She is not part of the family, but she knew them before she started working there. We also found out she is 50 years old, though she would look a lot younger, and she is finishing her Bachelor degree at PSU in Community Development.