Saturday, June 14, 2008

Sunday Barbeque at the lot - May 24th

A couple of Sundays ago, we had a meet and greet the neighbours event going on... there were signs posted, food, and people. The site attracted people from the neighborhood, and they came up and talked to us... enjoyed some of the great cookings two of the neighbours offered to help us with. By the way, the chicken and the pig grilled were so tasty! Here there are some photos from that day:

These are the signs in front of the lot:

This is Mike, he lives in the neighborhood. He also cooked a very tasty chicken on the grill... he says he'd love to open a restaurant one day.

Here is Mike's roomate, they both cooked very tasty barbeque at the lot.

Another shot of the crowd from the lot, that day.

The grill and the temporary shelter for the food.

Sandy and two of the neighbors passing by who came at the lot:

Mike's bike, he is very proud of it, and Sandy smiles back at me while pointing at the bike:

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