Saturday, June 14, 2008

Visiting the Obama center and Earl's barbershop

Getting ready to visit the Obama center and few other places:

We were next to the Sisters in Action center

Visiting the Obama center was a very interesting experience. The people we talked to over there showed an entusiasm that I haven't seein in quite a long time.. it reminded me of when I was an adolescent.

The volunteers inside were helpful, and they shared some of their experinece while volunteering for the Obama campaign. An interesting thing I liked a lot were the kids drawings for the campaign... these are just drawings the kids offered to do for the campaign, while visiting their center, on their way home from school.

Another Obama drawings of the kids:

Obama for change drawing:

Pretty powerful message from the campaign slogans... that we are making a difference, each one of us:

The end of the day:

We visited Earls' barbershop and talked to him.

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